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Discover the little known secret for producing the results your business has been searching for...

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Challenge The Status Quo

It is the challenges of life that make us a champion. Step up to the challenges. 


5 Day Commitment

1-2 hrs per day for 5 days. Get immersed in the process.

Final Result

More And Better Offers

Level up by making more perfect high ticket offers quickly in by the end of class.

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Coaches & Consultants 

Beginner or advanced, this class will level you up.

Wealth Has A Need For Speed...
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You Don't Need To Make More Money, You Need To Make Money Faster...

Watch 23 Minutes Of Interviews And Case Studies...

Genesis believes people don't just buy on launch day...

Instead they buy every day with - their time, their clicks and posts and tweets - this is big data.

Understanding how to use big data allows us to be bigger than the competition, and it allows us to make a bigger impact.
Challenge Community
Access to the Make More Offers Challenge Facebook Group. You will be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are excited to learn about making more offers. 
Lead Generation Offers
You will learn the secret to making offers that cause people to opt in.  Lead generation offers are the key to building a big email list of people who want to buy from you.
Core Product offers
Learn to create great core product offers which are the foundation of your business. When you have a great core product offer, you will have a business that is sustainable and scalable. 
Premium value offers
You will learn the secrets to premium value offers. Premium value offers are the secret sauce of exponential scalability. 
Retention Offers
Retention offers are offers that allow you to do the work once and get paid from now on. When you have retention offers they create MRR and give you the ability 
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Challenges Create Champions, Are You Up For A Challenge?
Remember, everything that feels good isn't good and everything that feels bad isn't bad! Sometimes the best way to learn and master a new skill is to have a challenge to overcome! 

The challenges that life throws our way are the same things that make us strong enough to stay there when we get there (regardless of where there is for us). 

Allow me to introduce you to some of my students who were up for the challenge...
If I had to sum up the most transformational advice I’ve received from a mentor, it would be these three words from Myron Golden…
“Make. More. Offers.”
Sounds simple, right? And when you have the kind of guidance and encouragement Myron provides, it really is. Fair warning though, sometimes you may find resistance rearing its ugly head, whispering that you can’t do it because of (fill in the blank with your self-sabotaging excuses), or that you’re not prepared enough, good enough, smart enough…
Those are just your old stories kicking into gear.
But with Myron guiding you, you’ll soon annihilate those limiting beliefs, especially when you experience for yourself the power of simply making more offers.
Here’s what happened in just 30-days when I followed Myron’s counsel…
• I did it without the new program even being created yet…
• I did it without paid ads, a launch or any joint-venture partners…
• I moved forward without ONE word of copy or a website for my offer…
• I had an 80% close rate for my new offer…
• I made OTHER additional offers…
• I increased my monthly revenue from my previous “highest ever” by 55%...
• And in just 30-days, I brought in $145,646.
Yep, that’s how powerful it is. And there is only ONE person you should trust to get you moving in the right direction with more offers…my mentor and trusted friend Myron Golden.
And here’s the thing…
Not only is Myron an amazing mentor. He’s an amazing PERSON.
That often gets lost in the shuffle these days, especially with so many high-powered self-anointed gurus and instant experts running rampant on the Internet.
The difference is working with a man who is smart, funny, wise, inspired, authentic, and truly CARES about those he is called to serve. Who knows who you are. Who sees your potential even when you falter. Who is committed to supporting your success if you’re willing to do YOUR part.
If you have the opportunity to work with Myron Golden, take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelt, and GO for it. You’ll be blessed beyond measure.
~Tina Lorenz

Tina Lorenz -The Queen Of Copy

Tina stepped up to the challenge and did $145,646.00 in sales in just 30 days

Both Expert And Community Support...
Share your struggles and massive wins within the Make More Offers community. Empower your expectations, eliminate your excuses and explode with execution with The Make More Offers Challenge! 

Imagine being surrounded by supportive and like-minded people who are on the same mission! Imagine having a coach and mentor who has done millions of dollars in sales one one one, millions of dollars on stage and millions of dollars in sales online guiding pulling back the curtain and showing you the secrets that are only known by the masters. 
Imagine Making Offers Both During The Challenge And For Years After It Ends...
You will make your first offer after the first class and see the results in real time for the rest of the week. 
You will learn how to make 4 types of offers:

1. Lead Generation Offers - This ensures you never run out of prospects...

2. Lead Conversion Offers - This ensures you convert the highest number of leads possible...

3. Ascension Offers - This ensures that you maximize profit potential for your business...

5. Retention Offers - This ensures that you are able to stabilize the cash-flow of your business...

You Can Step Up To The Challenge

There are two ways. Heres how:

  • Via Live Challenge Times
  • Recordings Viewable For A Limited Time  After Live Sessions

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A New Kind Of Challenge
I know what you are probably thinking, "Oh brother, not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge!"  

Well, you're right. It's not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge, it is the most comprehensive, yet simple to understand five day training designed to help you understand offers so well that your prospects will thank you for making the offer! 
What Past Challenge Attendees Are Saying
Have you ever had clients in tears thanking you for making them a premium offer and giving them a chance to buy it from you? 
If you haven't now you can learn how - by creating, conveying and converting offers. 
Learn From The Best

Myron Golden

During this class you will learn the secrets that Myron Golden has only shared in his high-end masterminds! 

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who is already generating 5, 6 or even 7 figures per month, you are going to gain knowledge about offers you didn't know existed.

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